Ōtākaro Orchard is Set for Success

We've already raised over a million dollars for New Zealand's first urban food hub. We've a strong Board, a team of experts, over 465 enthusiastic volunteers, and the support of 30+ community organisations. Help us bring this project home!

Urban Food Hub & Living Laboratory


We’re on the cusp of a revolutionary food system with 780 parks, 26 community gardens, 70 edible school gardens, 5 food forests, and 26,000 fruit trees on public land.

At the heart of this flourishing city will sit Ōtākaro Orchard, an urban food hub and a living laboratory by the Avon River, with a learning centre, outdoor amphitheatre, food forest, free edible garden, café, and garden venue in the heart of the city.

Ōtākaro Orchard will be a centre for food resilience, a living learning environment for us and our children, and a precious public asset for the coming centuries. And we need your help to bring the project to fruition.


Ōtākaro Orchard August 2017

1378 hours contributed by 450 volunteers

Adobe Bricks

3,750 Adobe Bricks made by 119 people