Write for Us

Write for otakaroorchard - Write for UsKeeping this digital magazine updated and relevant to every reader that comes across it, is a top priority for its founder. Thus, the magazine has a way people can join in and share the content and information they believe to be important and missing in Ōtākaro Orchard.

There is no shortage of information and data available to share with people and businesses interested in joining in the endeavours to protect the environment and biodiversity in it.

More people being included in the team means Ōtākaro Orchard will have a better shot at covering all bases and give a voice to the topic so dear to the magazine’s purpose.

At Ōtākaro Orchard it is understood that different points of view are crucial to keeping the content relevant and appealing to all audiences. Our target isn’t just the general public, but also sponsors and any kind of organization that can and will help this cause.

Additionally, the more varied the content, the better and richer the magazine will be.

If you are part of our reader base and have found that you possess the information or any kind of data you feel should be shared, this magazine might be the right platform for you to do so.

It sticks to the topic of Christchurch and the efforts to make it greener and preserve the biodiversity present in the area.

Ōtākaro Orchard already has hundreds of readers following the content and giving their feedback and suggestions, and they would all be exposed to the information you wish to share.

Your words would no longer reach only your closest group of friends and family but will become known facts for strangers who share your interests.

The requirements are nothing fancy and any enthusiast can do it, with the proper guidance. Writing skills in English are necessary, along with the shared desire to give a boost to wildlife conservation and protection of all kinds of natural habitats.

Although the magazine focuses mostly on the Christchurch area, sometimes we include information on other parks.

If you wish to apply to write for us, the process is simple, quick and easy. All you must do is send an email to the address posted on the contact page, including your personal information and the motivations behind your intentions.

Keep in mind it might be helpful to send a small sample of the kind of content you can contribute to enriching this magazine.