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About otakaroorchard - About Us

The journey to make this digital magazine started with the burning desire of Tia Khan, a kiwi environmental scientist that wished to take her love for nature to a website of some kind. She follows many digital magazines and thought this would be the best setup for the content she felt like sharing.

After browsing the web for a little bit, looking for the best tools and ways to build a magazine online, Tia decided it was time to get going on this project.

She consulted colleagues and friends in the IT industry to help her do it the best way possible. Thus Ōtākaro Orchard was born.

Keeping up with the changing times, the numerous policies were being put in place to help turn Christchurch greener and volunteering programs so people could join in these efforts. She found out the movement was huge and implicated serious sponsoring and businesses from all over the country getting involved to fund it.

It became apparent Tia was onto something important as she slowly found out about how other parks around the world striving to conserve biodiversity. It is not one country’s or one small region’s issue, it’s become an international concern.

As the magazine kept posting relevant and updated content, the reader base grew and her endeavour gained momentum, up to the point where Ōtākaro Orchard is well known by many.

However, for such a huge initiative, there aren’t enough channels, nor enough content ever posted, which is why Tia has never stopped her constant search for information to share.

Nowadays her goal is to reach as many people as possible, giving the cause an excellent platform and a voice. Hundreds of readers now follow this digital magazine and are encouraged to preserve wildlife in any way they can.

Sponsors are exposed to the cause they can help fund and the inhabitants of Christchurch have a site to turn to.